Kamin Williams - Co-Founder

Bachelor of Science in Photography, University of Montevallo                                                                                 Minor in Business

Born and raised in a small town just south of Birmingham Alabama, Kamin has always had a love for photography and art. After working in a portrait studio right out of college she accepted a job for a large publishing company where for the last 7 years she has traveled to numerous locations in and out of the state and photographed amazing people, places, and food. In 2014 along with her best friend Sarah, she went full-time freelance and together they founded Spark & Arrow.

What made you want to pursue photography as a career?

As a young child my sister and I were always encouraged to love what we do and do what we loved. Both my parents are extremely artistic and hands on so it always came natural. In high school I was handpicked to participate in a photography class and completely fell in love. I knew right away photography was what I wanted to do all the time and for the rest of my life. A love for editorial and food photography came much later during an internship with a freelancer for Costal Living. He encouraged me to take chances and look for the beauty in the everyday, such as your home and what you eat. Anything you see can be beautiful if you know how to capture the moment.

What are you passionate about other than photography?

Family. Hands down. My whole family lives on the same street, to say we are close is an understatement. My husband and I tried for two years to start a family of our own and through the pain and struggle of that unknown part of our lives it was the love, support, and prayers of our family that carried us through it. When our son was born in July of 2013 the waiting room was literally packed with family. We have never felt more loved and prayed over that on Hudson’s “birth” day. I know without a doubt that at the end of the day my family is there, and Hudson will know no different. He is loved more than I could have ever hoped for.

What is your best childhood memory?

All of my fondest childhood memories revolve around my parent’s pool or our yearly vacations to the beach. I’m a summer baby, can you tell? When I was little my mom and all my aunts and my grandparents would pack us up and drive to the beach, campers, tents, and all. Yep, we camp at the beach. Crazy I know, but I remember so many amazing nights gathered around a picnic table with my cousins playing cards, riding our bikes to the camp store for an afternoon ice cream, and endless days playing in the ocean. It’s my favorite place on earth, I can’t wait to move there one day!